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I'm going in for my 1 month post-op on Friday and both sides are SO vastly asymmetrical that I don't see how they could possibly 'even out'. One side looks great. The other, not so much. How do I bring this up without forcing the PS surgeon to get defensive and/or tell me that its normal? I feel like pointing out 'defects' is taken as an insult and want to avoid that. I'm not mad that its so asymmetrical but just want it taken care of, without having to 'fight' for it. I'm also willing to wait a couple of months to see what happens. I've waited 16 years to have this done and I just want it done right.

Any ideas?


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Obviously, you should discuss this with your surgeon.  Best way to approach it is to state that you are concerned about the difference between the two sides -- and then pause and see what he has to say.  Don't come out swinging for the fences.  Just make sure you don't have a seroma or a hematoma, which could account for major differences in size.

More than likely, he will state that temporary asymmetry is not uncommon, that it is frequently due to swelling and that you should give it several months before  evaluating the final surgical results.  There is really nothing that either you or the surgeon can do at this point.

You should also be aware that sleeping on one's side, instead of on one's back, can predispose to one-sided swelling.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the advice.

I've been sleeping on my back for the last 3 weeks and only recently started sleeping on my sides (though the asymmetry was present prior). Do you feel like I should point out the specific areas of concern or just see what he says?
During my 1 week post op, I pointed out that my right nipple seemed puffier and larger than the left and he mentioned that it was probably extra skin (which wasn't a problem on my left side, which reduced in size). So I guess, I'm just worried about being caught in a situation where I have no idea if what he says is just a defensive response or if I should be deferring (he's a double board certified plastic surgeon, but on the younger side) to his knowledge and expertise.

Also, just out of curiosity, since I know that temporary asymmetry is mentioned ALOT on this forum, do you really ever see the sides even out that dramatically?

Thank you.


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