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Good evening everyone. I unfortunately have not been able to find a fitter locally, and have just been more or less experimenting with bras by trying on in fitting rooms. My question about how tight a band should be comes from my thinking I may be in a wrong size. I have a little extra weight on me although not too much, but my band really pushes into my sides extenuating my underboob. I wear a 36C and when I do a scoop and swoop, everything sits and looks right, but after an hour os so (I'm very active) my brests pull back out the sides of my cups and my band digs in. Should I sister size down to a 34D as my current band feels fine after a scoop and swoop, it just feels my breast roots are too wide and need a bigger cup, or do I need a bit looser band with bigger cups and go for a 36D? Like I said, I fill the cups fine with a 36C and the band feels and looks good while I put the girls in place, its only after an hour or two of movement that they pull back out the sides. Is breast gland migration real and they will settle more forward of my chest after being scooped forward for a while? I've only been wearing a bra for 3 months or so now. 36C is just what I've kinda settled on and don't have the money to buy a bunch of bras for trial runs, and like I said I can't find a fitter locally. I've been buying my bras from Victoria secret btw if that brand makes any difference as far as how they fit


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I am not the best source of advise, but I would suggest that Victoria's Secret may not be the best source for us in general. 

A band needs to be snug, but obviously not to the point of discomfort after a full days wear. It is the band that does most of the supporting. The style of bra is also a factor.

Trial and error is the least efficient way to find the right bra, but at least it sounds like you are trying them on in the store. 
If the bra fits, wear it.

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I agree with Blad that a snug fit around our chests is essential... how snug is the question.  I too have been grappling with that question without benefit of visiting a lingerie shop where I might be fitted.  First, it is too embarrassing for me to do such a thing.  I may be willing to accept my breasts on this website and with a few close friends, but there are limits.  I certainly respect those men whose acceptance carries into the rest of their lives.  The second element is price.  I don't expect visiting a shop will leave me with an inexpensive brassiere.  That is borne out by comments of men here regarding the brands they find most comfortable.  I looked at some of those brassieres and had sticker shock.  At least at the moment, I'm not interested in spending that much and if I were it would doubtless happen only with a fitting.  I'm not inclined to spend that kind of money on the off chance a brassiere will fit... something I have been doing, but with much less expensive brassieres.  Of course, I've learned what everyone else knows who has been shopping for these items, listed sizes are pretty irrelevant.  Yes, you'll get close with band size but cup size is all over the place.  The same size from the same manufacturer in different styles is almost guaranteed to mean two different fits.  That is why finding a brassiere that really fits means buying multiple copies of the same item, perhaps in different colors but with multiples of our favorite colors.

My first attempt was with cheap Chinese brassieres from E-Bay, all but one of which has been thrown in the garbage... six bucks a pop.  I can do that.  With a vague idea about size I next tried other manufacturers, some I'd known of like Bali and some I didn't.  Again, on E-Bay the prices were reasonable, between ten and fifteen dollars.  I found a couple of brands that worked and soon found with extenders I could make them work.  It was tricky since I have a fairly big chest that warrants a 46 inch band.  The brassieres that best fit my breasts are from a manufacturer that only goes to 42 inches.  Initially I kept looking but eventually I found a strap that keeps the shoulder straps in place and with a band extender I could wear that brassiere all day long and feel comfortable.  I'm wearing a black one as I write this... mmm good.

Since you have a more slight build you will have many more choices, which is good.  Here's the brassiere I find most comfortable that is available on E-Bay through a retailer that specializes in women's intimate wear.  It is now listed for $20, which is five dollars more than I spent a year and a half ago, but such is the nature of the world at the moment.  Good luck working this out.

Lilyette Bali Into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer Non-Padded Brassiere
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Personally, I like my bands tight.   It’s not uncomfortable for me and I feel supported that way.  If I take my straps down, the bra still stays nicely in place.  Going in for a fitting is a good idea.  The fitters I’ve encountered have been great and very helpful.  I was able to discuss my needs and to try many different bras to see what works for me.  

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The fit of the band should be what makes YOU comfortable.  Some, like me, like it snug.  It's seems more comfortable.  But it should not be loose by any means because that is you first line of support.  Don't get hung up in size. As was mentioned before, there doesn't seem to be a standard between manufacturers so, for instance, a 40  to 46 band size may fit you.

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The band, to be effective in supporting your boobs properly should be snug. Generally speaking the larger you cup size, the more critical it is to be snug.

Think of it this way. Your bra strap is like a rope that is attached to the load on one end ( your breast in the cup). Your shoulder is the pulley with the other end attached to the anchor, your bra band. When they are all working together, they support the load and keep the girls in a fixed position that gives you comfort and support.

Now, if the band is too loose, the anchor slips, the load drops, and the slacks in the rope slips off the pulley and the whole system no longer works the way it was supposed to.
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