Author Topic: How many of you post-op people only had an excision done  (Read 1614 times)

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Hello just out of curiosity I'm curious if there are any people who did not get lipo done.  I did not, doc said I had a lot of muscle and wasn't really necessary.  My puffy nips are def gone, so I assume lipo was not necessary at all. 

I'll be sure to check with my doc again once I visit what his thoughts were on lipo.  I think it's just the swelling right now that makes em look slightly bigger than they should be (8 days post op)


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meee. i had only excision and not lipo. actually i am fat but doc said that i had less amnt of fat on chest and more of glandular mass.

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Ive just been told exactly the same. He said I had no fat just gland so I wouldnt need lipo. Having second opinion just to make sure.


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