Author Topic: How long til results can be judged? Surgeon with good reputation did awful job  (Read 1064 times)

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After wanting to get it done for years, I finally bit the bullet 2 months ago and had the procedure done by a surgeon who seemed to have a great reputation, both on this forum and in the real world.

It’s been 2 months now, and I still have very noticeable gyno. On a recent follow up the Dr said to wait til 3 months have passed, maybe it’s just swelling, and to keep using the massager on it daily... but damn. I lost a bit of breast tissue in some spots, and in other areas it looks like nothing at all was even done, particularly on the outer area of the breasts.

I’m extremely disappointed, and wondering when to throw in the towel on this round of surgery, not even bother following up with this Dr again, and start researching whether or not a 2nd procedure with someone more competent can fix the mess.

Beyond gutted at this awful result. All that expense (a little over $10k out of pocket), painful recovery, flying family in to take care of me after for a few days, getting my hopes up... and end result looks like someone got partway through then realized they were running late for lunch and decided to wrap it up. I’m gutted right now.


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It was several months before I finally was able to see the results I was hoping for.  I dealt with scar tissue, asymmetry due to puffiness. I was constantly taking photos and sharing them on here and with my Dr.  In the end I made up my mind to stop worrying cause although it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time it was still 100 times better than what I had dealt with for years prior to surgery. 
A few more months later my swelling subsided and I was able to see the results I always longed for.  Everyone heals differently, some faster/slower than others.  Give it some more time and best of luck. 


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