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I have a 14 year old son that has marked tubular breasts.  How do you locate a doctor that will treat this?


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Google. Or this website. You have a list of surgeons on the homepage. Takes a lot of time to do some research but not very hard.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.

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These are extremely difficult cases to do.  I would strongly suggest you consult with a surgeon who has a large experience in gynecomastia surgery.  In fact, consult with two or three, look at their before/after photos, check their credentials and background, and then  choose the one with whom you feel most comfortable and confident.  Since the first operation provides the very best opportunity get it done "right", do not make your choice based only on price alone.  The fee, while important, should be the least of your considerations. Remember, your son will enjoy and appreciate the results of the surgery long after the fee is forgotten.

You may wish to visit my photo gallery and look at patient #44 (

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I have a 14 year old son that has marked tubular breasts.  How do you locate a doctor that will treat this?

This deformity can present a challenge to an inexperienced doctor.  How to pick a plastic surgeon for gynecomastia surgery is something I posted here:

Tuberous Breast Deformity Gynecomastia can sometimes be treated without additional skin reduction as demonstrated in that link.  This contour comes in many different degrees.  Options depend on many factors best discussed with your surgeon.  Here is another example of Tubular Gynecomastia of the Male Breast treated without skin reduction.

When the deformity is greater or skin quality worse and excess skin of the male chest is a factor, skin reduction techniques may be necessary.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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