Author Topic: How did I suddenly get so young?  (Read 2401 times)

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Checking on my personal profile, I found that when the site was reorganized my age was changed from 69 years to 37 years.

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A very good plastic surgeon ;D
i finally feel like im a man

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makes you wonder if anything else got shuffled around.  but if it doesn't work as flattery, think you could change it yourself.  i think getting rid of gyne alone would make you feel like that; just a d*mned shame it can't give you the lost years back. 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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Yep. Life's too short.

Don't go rushing in, but don't waste the best (girl-getting *) years of your life wondering if you should get it sorted.

My friend said (about surgery): Will you be happy until you get it done?

And that made my mind up for me. He was exactly right. I had been waiting, waiting, seeing if anything would change, if I'd become happy about it, or waiting for the right time, and what he said just made me realise that I was just wasting young years moping around.

2 months later, I am chopped about, and hopefully healing well.

* I don't think you can "pull" 20-30 year old girls when you're 50+, unless you're loaded. Am I right?

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If you are loaded or famous. Both make it a bonus plus. And if you are 50+ looking like robert redford then you have no problems pulling 18 year olds on up! LOL


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