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If you have gyno, has a skinny guy an lets say your tall. How big could your gyno get Through life

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I'm a 38yo 6'2" 150lbs skinny guy, and over the past 4 years have gone from nothing to a 34B/32C... one of my coworkers is a 34DD, with about the same build as me. So It can vary quite widely.

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forum newbie...
59yrs old
weight 158lbs
just measured my chest for first time: 38b

so i am definitely on the slim side.

have had moobs since jr high.

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Wow  im 26 an 6"1 an i had them since i was 12. I See my future moobs are going to get bigger, cause there like an A now

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As we age and gain weight the breasts do not continue to grow.  They remain the same size so as a fraction of the total, they represent a smaller fraction.  
Grandpa Dan

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Hi Bone011,
When I went to my Gyno surgeon he told me that my boobs would be dropping further down as I age. I can see that happened because I am 31 now and almost the same weight plus 5 to 10 lbs heavier. I can see my nipple area has began to have that drooping look. 
I don't know if this is common for everyone else, however my surgeon stated it happens with age. So unless your some kind of gym rat this could eventually happen. 
Luckily for me it won't anymore since I had my gyno surgery last month. Going on 3 weeks! 

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Hi all I am 59 and the girls are pointing south @ a 48B/C and growing.Mainly due to medications and a screwy pituitary gland.

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I  am 57 and a heavy equipment operator I started off 46 b now i am a 40d  still growing lost wieght also had half  of my right ampuitated the big toe and 2nd from infection NO Diabetes major back problems and al the meds screwed up my system from testrone to estrogen the infection meds screwed up my system my boobs are getting bigger and heavier all my girlfriends think that neat ,but some are jealous also with my bad foot i have to wear a high heel pump to push my muscle back into place so that show how much girls Play but there still growing HURT


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