Author Topic: Hormonal causes of gynecomastia (E2/TS & Progesteron)  (Read 100 times)

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Hello everyone,

I will have an treatment based on hcg in order to find sperms with a micro TESE. I found a document (see in attachment) that describes the hormonal consequences of taking this treatment. 

Even more interesting, this study compares "normal" people and people with Klinefelter's syndrome like me. Well, I am also a bit of a strange case among Klinefelter's because I am homogeneous (100% of my cells are XXY) but I have a normal testosterone level (18.7 nmol/L). But this is a bit off the subject of my question.

According to this study, the E2/TS ratio would increase significantly after taking hcg. Progesterone will also increase a lot (as I am XXY).

Could this trigger gynecomastia even if testosterone levels are normal? Let me rephrase. Is it only the E2/TS ratio that has an impact on gynecomastia or does it also require a low testosterone level?

Does progesterone have an inhibitory effect (because it inhibits estradiol) or does it increase gynecomastia?

I will follow this treatment twice a week for 6 months, so I think my E2/TS ratio is going to go up "nicely", like my progesterone. According to the doctors there are no risks but I have doubts.

Thank you for your help.



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