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hi i'm new to this forum, and i have been reading a lot of the posts for the past couple days so i could find out as much information as possible. As of right now i'm 21 years old going to college, and i have a very very mild form of gynecomastia. I actually asked the doctor about my condition, but he said that it wasn't at all.

What i DO know i have is puffy nipples or excessive glandular growth under my nipple. There aren't any lumps or anything. Also, it's like when my nipples are hard, my chest looks great, but when it gets hot my nipples start to get all puffy again. This really bothers me because all those hours working out and eating well can't do anything about my puffy nipples. They stick out approximately 1cm, so i know my case isn't at all full-blown or severe to say the least.

I was wondering what i could possibly do for my condition, whether there would be anything i could take to help (such as rebound XT which i heard helped certain people), or whether surgery is my only option.

Also if you do recommend surgery, i live in the southern california area, and was wondering who would be the best surgeon for a glandular excision and at what cost. Thank you very much for your time guys and hope everyone has a great day.



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