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     I am  first time poster and have been doing research for a few weeks before i go to the doc for, gyno. But first a little history.
 I was perfectly healthy up to age 29, when i started becoming extremely tired during and after work (I have worked in construction all my life).  Got full blood test and my regular doc said i had low testosterone,(everything else was perfect but not test for prolactin), it was some where around 250. Went on androgel didn't notice much improvement of symptoms so i quit the androgel as it was horrible when I sweet on the job.
  About 2 years later still fatigued. I asked for a referral to an endocrinologist. I went and found out i had high prolactin from a 2mm prolactanoma.  Prolactin was around 60, not insane but well above normal. Was put on cabergoline, and prolactine went down quickly, and testosterone slowly went up to 400 with exercise (exercise helped a lot).
  Now i am 38, still have the prolactinoma (levels under control) but testrone is still usually around 350 to 450, kinda low for my age.
  I notice a few years ago my shirts were getting tighter not thing about gyno but i think i have it, sometimes i feel like i am paranoid but what do you think.  My size doesn't bother me just don't want it to get worse.  I called my endocrinologist and he is adding some estrogen test to my next blood test in October.
  I am lucky that my wife is understanding and supportive.
What do you think?



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Ed, your chest is a bit smaller then mine was before I lost my testicles after that horrible vasectomy! However I did have gynecomastia as a teenager and the 11 years that I served in the military as well. As far as I'm concerned I don't think your chest looks all that bad, but remember, I'm an old fart "60" and I grow up in a different time. My oldest son is your age and probably has the same size chest but doesn't even care.

Your first big battle is already won! You've got a great supporting wife who cares about you. As for the blood work numbers, I don't get them as well as others, but what I do get, is you can control how much those bumps on your chest bother you, and not let those bumps on those chest control you!

If you want, we can PM more, use What'sApp or even email if you want, just let me know!



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*update* well i went to the doc, and definitely have breast tissue, not fat.  The interesting thing is my hormone came back better than ever.   prolactin 6, testosterone 600, estrogen 20.  My doc thinks it my be from 6 months ago when my prolactin was a little high.  Or i have always had it from years ago and just has been more noticeable since i have been losing weight. He said nothing really stands out as a cause.  he wants me just to monitor it and email him before my next appointment and he may order an ultrasound just to make sure nothing else is going on. Hopefully i am just not one of the unknown causes of gyne.


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Sounds like your getting a better handle on things!

Been awhile since we've got to talk, we should connect again when we can. Things will hopefully settle down around here after this weekend when my daughter and her kids go back home.

Ttyl, God bless
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You may have a mild case of gynecomastia.  You’re carrying a little extra weight (aren’t most of us?) so part of the issue I’m sure is chest wall fat.

It sounds like you’re doc is taking good care of you.  See how things settle out.  If you drop a little weight and look out of proportion due to the breast tissue, surgery can correct that.  It really depends on how much it bothers you.  If you go the surgery route, be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon who does a lot of this type of surgery.
Best of luck-

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