Author Topic: Has anyones gyno returned?....can it even do that  (Read 1957 times)

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I'm not over weight, workout and i don't smoke weed, but i get the feeling my gyno has kind of returning, i might just be paranoid. Had surgery 2 years ago this July which went great.Look at the pics what do you think?

I apologise now for the horrible squeeze photo, i just had to get my point across



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Wasn't it like that before? it looks like not ALL the gland was taken out in the first place. It cant just return, unless their was a substancial amount left for it to regrow BUT that would be noticeable in the early days of your operation ...

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It was worse before, and after the surgery it was great....maybe i've just put on a little weight. Before the op i could feel breast tissue when i can't now.

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I think your chest looks great.  If I had your chest I'd be thrilled....and not on this message board.  Maybe running around outside with my shirt matter how cold.

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Gynecomastia: Gyne (woman like) Mastos (breast)

Do you honestly think that you have 'Woman-like Breasts'?

Dude, relax you look fine...

Go out and chase some tail...  ;)

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