Author Topic: Has anyone heard this is caused by a micro-tumor?  (Read 1391 times)

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Just curious... My doctor said there has been a study done that shows this condition is caused by a microscopic tumor in your brain....  She wants me to go have a scan and all that stuff... I have had this my whole life and i am nearing 40, I doubt if it is a tumor, but I am curious how serious I should take this...  Any suggestions or help would put my mind at ease.


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Ehh I'm not a doctor so I dont wanna put the idea down or support it. I will however say that I have not heard of this. None of the well known Dr's that operate on gynecomastia request a scan on that basis. If I were you I would get ahold of these other well known doc (Dr. Bermant) and get a 2nd opinion. Think about what you are doing before you commit to surgery with a certain plastic surgeon. Just remember its better to have it done right the first time than to have to spend alota time suffering and money to get it right.
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Hi Donny

What your doc is refering to is a pituitary tumour (Virtually always benign) - I have one and I have gyne due to low testosterone for many years. Many people on here have not got a tumour but have gyne for other reasons, some not readily apparent.

Yes you could have had this tumour for a long time, some secrete hormones and others don't, some grow some don't, and the rates at which they grow is also a factor.

There must be other reasons why they suspect you have a tumour - have they done any blood tests already? Maybe the doc is clued up and covering all possibilities.

If it is a very small tumour - it will usuually be sorted successfully with medication.

Best bet is to ask more questions, and find out from your doc exactly what they're thinking. If you're anything like me - I hate not knowing what's going on!

Best of luck.


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