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Good day, I am a retired US Navy guy living in the Philippines, Pretty much had gynos since about 1996 starting in my Mid 20's,  Gaining weight did not help much either,  Put on about 50lbs of extra weight after retiring in 2012 living here. 

But have lost about 40lbs before my surgery, went from 238 to 201 lbs my goal is 180lbs.  Had my procedure done at Beverly Hills medical clinic in Manila, cost was 136500P (pesos) about 3026 USD.

That included everything, went in the morning of the 4th for the Vaser,  Woke up about 5 hours later,  Not much pain really,  I got Tramadol and Tylenol for pain medication, after the 2nd day I did not really need anything more then the Tylenol,  Pretty surprised of how little pain I had which I was worried about,  3rd day I was driving and riding my scooter no problem, Drove 95 kilometers to Manila and back to my follow up appointment.  Glad I went with vaser vs regular its day 7 and i really just have pain on my sides by my ribs. Even done my morning 2.5k walk for the last 3 days, no pain just a mild burny soreness on the sides.

Chest if pretty flat now, can actually see my pecs again,  still have swelling which I guess is pretty normal after 7 days,  The sides along the ribline seem a bit firm and still pretty tender and firm.  Hopefully will go down soon.

I did not care for the ace bandaged style wrap and the other blue padded wrap I got found it pretty uncomfortable.  So using a Everest neoprene abdomen wrap which is comfortable and very tight, I wear under armor under it because it can get sweaty if your outside in the heat here. I plan to wear it for a full 4 weeks, 24/7 except for showers. 

With the weight loss and the surgery I look and feel like a new man,  Will be ready for the beach in Subic shirt off for the first time in about 20 years. 

I guess I will have to be patient to see the final results, I still have  bruising which I hope will fade in a month or so. 



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