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first of all, i haven't even seen any of my results yet---- i'm wrapped up in a very thick bandage.  i'll get some glimpse of what my chest will look like when i go back and visit my surgeon on tuesday evening.

i'm actually in tijuana right now.  i'm a bit sore, and a bit out of it (from the pain killers), but based on my experience, i can strongly reccomend dr. jaime caloca in tijuana.  this guy is awesome.

after my surgery, he drove me to the pharmacist, went in and got my prescription, then drove me to a hotel and negotiated a rate for me.  the guy is a class act, and his rennovated office is going to be amazing when its finished.

everything was great.  now, i'm just hoping for great results....

can anybody tell me any tricks that i can use to speed up my recovery?  eating certain foods?  not drinking beer?  taking certain vitamins?  all suggestions would be appreciated.

i'll let you know how it turns out.



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I ate healthy and stayed in bed for several days (in a sitting position). Also I was told that I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavier than a book.

Don't take any medications not cleared by your doctor.

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How much was the surgery?  Post pics when you get your bandages off, and congrats!   ;D
I got one sweet breast.  Grrrr.

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rest rest and more rest. Also plenty of compression. Wear a compression vest and buy an ACE bandage and wrap it around as tight as possible.

Drink plenty of orange juice or apple juice, milk, etc. Get your protein.
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