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well i went in for my surgery at 11:30 wednesday morning.  general anaesthesia, woke up and it wore right off.  i spent maybe 20-30 minutes in my recovery room, then another 20 or so in the recliner waiting for the doc to come back.  then i was just chipper and ready to go.  he removed the glands and did lipo via the armpit, so my scarring from that is minimal.  there wasn't much to lipo anyway, but just a little extra.  i still have the drain tubes in, they'll be coming out on tuesday.   so far, i am very happy with my result, its hard to believe that just last week i was still dealing with it.  once i get the tubes out, ill probably post some pics just for kicks.  very little pain, just the basic discomfort.  can't wait to get the stitches and tubes out, and soon get back to lifting.  i think my girlfriend's jealous, it takes her two days to recover from general anaesthesia, takes me maybe an hour or two.   ;D

and like i said, my wellmark blue cross-blue shield covered it all 100%.  i was lucky.  my PS knew how to submit it and did everything he could to make it work.

i still cant believe it.


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Congratulations!  Follow the PS's orders and don't get discouraged by swelling, bruising, itching, etc., that may occur over the next few months.  It's kind of scary-looking sometimes, but all part of the process.  Keep us posted!

Please ask your PS's office if they will give you a copy of the claim as it was worded to the insurance company.  If you were to post that information here, then it may help a lot of people. 

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I can't believe your insurance covered the whole thing. There have been so many lawsuits and attempts to get insurers to cover this procedure it's not even funny. I'm glad everything went well for you. I go under the knife tomorrow morning! :o
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i was really surprised too.  i was expecting to get denied and have to wait another year or so to save up.  but i guess it's all in how you describe it and how your doc submits it.  or maybe they just wouldn't want to go through all the trouble of a lawsuit so they just did it. 

and good luck to you tomorrow.  hope all goes well

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congrats everything went right "so whats your insurance name" jajaja lol just kidding :P


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