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I guess this has been asked some years back but i did not see any response for it. Anybody done gyno surgery in dubai? Google gives me some results such as Dr.Sanjay Parashar. But it would be great if i could find someone whose already got it done here. 



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I would say make a trip to Europe and have it done there. Im sure your only looking at like a 5-7 hour flight to the next best medical city in Europe.

Do you really trust the plastic surgeons out in Dubia, sorry if I'm being rude I know nothing about medical things out in the middle east. Expect for the fact they go through different educational standards when compared to the West.

Do they have the same medical standards as the West? These are important questions to ask, don't just go to the only gyno doctor you can find but make sure they are board certified and perform these procedures frequently.
Overall get this surgery done right the first time with a medical professional. Also no offense but make sure the doctor when to a Western medical school and not somewhere in India.

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Dubai is not a ‘third world country’

But do check where the doctor has trained and previous cases. Any problems you can report it to the local health authorities.


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