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Im here today to share about my experience for the surgery i had. This problem have been with me for at least 10 years and I’ve been so unhappy with it since i knew it is causing me problems.

10 years down the road, when i turned 18 i wanted to head for the surgery but i have to get the consent of my parents of guardian which I didn’t want to do so. Back then i thought the only way for the surgery is through private surgery which will cost $6-10k and I definitely don’t have that amount of money.

Now at the age of 21, i am free to head for my surgery without having the need of my parents of guardian. Singapore government hospital provides such services at a much cheaper price.

So first step is to get a referral via polyclinic, the first step is very hard but once u step out to do it, the determination will push you on.

In the polyclinic, just tell the doctor you have enlarge breast tissue and tell them your problem, they will understand and get them to refer you to a hospital of your choice. I chose SGH since it has the most reputable amount of surgeons.
I got my referral on 15 March 2019, booked an appt with plastic surgery doc on 22 March 2019.

During the appt, doc didnt say much he just recommend me to go for surgery and didnt waste time to check on my hormones or whatsoever. Asked me to choose a date for my surgery and i chose 2nd week of May due to work commitments.

Surgery i usually on a tuesday and doc put me for same day admission surgery. Meaning you report the same day as your surgery, no need to be warded a day before.

So my surgery was scheduled on 7 may and i was suppose to report at 7am. Surgery at 8.30am. Went in, take queue number -> settle administrative stuff for admission-> take blood pressure -> doc speak to you about your surgery and what to expect -> change to gown -> wait for nurse bring me to the surgery room -> 8am on bed wheeled into surgery room. Doctor draw the shape of how the chest will look like and where to do insertion.
Within 30s when anaesthetic doc inject into the iv, i slept already.

Woke up, 1030 already at holding area waiting for bed. My chest was bandaged with 2 sponge and 2 tubes to drain blood out.

I chose Class B2 due to NSF benefits so i actually didn’t pay any $ at all, balance of 20% of ward stay will be deducted my medisave (approx $<100).

After warded i was upgraded to A class for 2 hours due to insufficient bed, my belonging took 2 hours to reach me. After that they change my ward to another room which is B1 (free upgrade due to insufficient bed). I enjoyed free aircon and tv without paying extra.

So i stayed in the hospital for 1 night, doc came to see my the next day and said i can be discharged. Was given 7 days hospitalisation leave. Went home with the bandage still on and drains, 2 big bottle of drains. U wont be able to go back work cause drains not easy to hide with tubes around. If you are daring enough can just put bottles in bag and head out but chest area will be very big due to sponge.

The discomfortable for the post surgery recovery was okay, not painful but troublesome as it wont be easy to bath, have to carry drains everywhere.

Went back doc for review on monday, went to another room to take out drains, painful part is ripping the bandage out as it was very sticky, the drains stitches was stuck to the bandage, nurse had to cut the stitch out. But the nurse was very friendly, will constantly care for your well being. Taking out the drains was the easiest part, no feeling at all!

Thats it, wear the compression vest for 4-6 weeks and you are good. The whole process was just troublesome but bearable as the pain is definitely must lesser compared to the emotional pain for 10 years.

If i were to spend $ it will probably be $2k~ (class b2) able to use medisave and claim insurance as doc wrote this as non-cosmetic.

You guys can email or pm me if u need anyone to talk to! I’m more than willing to help within my ability :)
All the best and don’t hesitate!

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Thanks for sharing!

May I know how your chest has recovered so far?


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