Author Topic: Gynecomastia Surgery in Asia (Korea/Thailand)  (Read 1044 times)

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Hi All - I've been leeching on this forum for a long time now, and I can't thank everyone enough who has contributed by providing their stories, feedback, photos etc. Not to mention expert advice provided by some of the medical experts!

I'm a white-american expat living/working in Singapore. I'm due to have my surgery on June 11th in Thailand with Dr. Poomee at the Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok. I've seen a few posts lingering around about him (here and on other forums), all of which are positive.
Dr. Poomee is a very experienced, ABPS-certified surgeon.

He doesn't perform Gynecomastia surgery regularly, but has done plenty of these procedures during his time.

I'm curious to know if anyone more recently has any experience with him/has had surgery with him? Obviously I'll always have my doubts but from the host of doctors in Asia I have spoken with remotely (virtual consults, etc.), he's the one I feel most comfortable with.
On a related note, others I looked into are mainly in South Korea, but they are not as familiar with handling international patients, and as I know Thailand pretty well, I feel more comfortable going there.

If anyone has any additional thoughts on other doctors in the Asia region, pease do let me know as I'm still very open to reassessing my situation here.

P.S. I ruled out having surgery in the US/at home, due to the fact I can't stay longer than 10 days at a time, and from the few surgeons I've spoken to in my hometown, they've all highlighted the risk of lack of post-operative after-care and deep vein thrombosis before/after surgery when flying long haul so soon...

Appreciate any help!



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I’m in a similar situation as you looking for a dr in Asia.

Reading your post I was wondering which dr in Korea you contacted and what made you go for dr Poomee?

Thank you and good luck for your surgery!

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I would not recommend going to a surgeon who does not perform this procedure regularly even if they are a good surgen otherwise. 
I think the risk of unsatisfactory results goes way up with issues like cratering, doing lipo only and scaring. 
There is at least one person in here who did it in korea with good results, check the posts, also it's not too expensive over there.

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hi jayparken - how did your surgery go in bangkok - eagerly awaiting your feedback 


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