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I am brand new to this forum.

I have been dealing with male breast tissue for over 2 decades but recently about a year ago my chest started growing more even though I wasn't gaining weight or losing muscle mass.

I am trying weightloss from exercise but after losing 24 lbs I lost almost 2 inches around my waist and 1 inches at underbust but zero reduction in my bust.

I also recently had a CT scan prior to starting to get healthy and was for the first time officially diagnosed with gynecomastia. The scans showed that under chest fat that I had dense breast tissue of about 270 cc bilaterally. This is not the whole breast but just the tissue. My whole breasts might be 400cc, 500 cc or even 600cc each, I don't know. I've looked at charts online after measuring myself but they confuse me. 

I currently measure 46 inches at my bust and 43 inches underbust. Some charts list this as a C cup while others say as small as AA. All I know is that my wife encouraged me to wear a bra and the most comfortable one is a 40 B. An "A" feels to small. 

I am 5 foot 11 inches. And I weigh 290 lbs. A healthy weight for me is 230 lbs. I am now on an exercise routine and losing about 1.25 pounds per week. I hope to reach my goal in 12 months.

My concern/curiosity is what I might expect with more weight loss. It seems that as I lose weight I am still maintaining relative cup size or even proportionally gaining in cup size since weightloss doesn't get rid of breast tissue 

Assuming I lost weight evenly it seems that losing an inch off of my waist while losing an inch off of my chest would leave my cup size the the same but only decrease band size. Not sure how I feel about this.

I currently have about 3/4 of an inch of fat (maybe a little more) around my band line or underbust. If I lost most of this fat layer my 43 inch rib circumference could go down to 39 inches. At the same time if my bust went down 4 inches, I'd still have a 42 inch bust.

My problem is that no one has been able to rate my gynecomastia or give me a range if what to expect with weight loss. 

I have only been told to go to a plastic surgeon even though my wife and I are currently deciding not to follow through with this. 

But no can help me understand it. People just like to tell me what to do but almost no one seems very informed about rating of gynecomastia with a CT Scan or in what this might look like with managing weight loss.


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Lots of people find out that they don't lose their breasts when they lose weight, it's pretty much normal for them to get larger relative to your underbust.

To get the most accurate size estimation (without a formal fitting), most will reccommend the calculator by ABraThatFits.

And lastly, if you lose that much weight your cup size will not stay the same.  Cup size is relative.  So as your underbust shrinks, if your bust stays the same your cup size will increase.  So let's say your current size is 40B.  If you drop one band with no change in bust size, your new size will be 38C.

By the way, I'm 182cm (5'11.5), 68kg (149lb).  Measured myself at 34C.  I have a goal of getting back to 63kg (where I was before I got my license and got lazy, was 71 when I started), but that should keep me at the same size.  Since I'm not very likely to drop below 72cm underbust...


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