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I had Gynecomastia surgery almost a year ago now, I am happy enough with how my chest turned out. Before the surgery the surgeon got some blood work on me and I never heard anything else about the blood work.  I've been wondering for years if I have klinefelters,  I have some of the characteristics but not others.   I'm guessing when plastic surgeons take blood work for gynecomastia patients, they check hormone levels like Testosterone, lh, fsh, etc  and if there was anything wrong they would let the patient know. My surgeon wouldn't discover I have low T and just not tell me right?  I was thinking about calling him tomorrow and asking if he checked my testosterone levels before the surgery, But if its standard protocol to check hormone levels and alert the patient if something is wrong then I wouldnt have to call because he never said anything was wrong.



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Give him a call, it's your right to know!

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Sure if you're worried give him a call and ask. But Klinfelters is usually detected quite early on in a boys younger years up to his teens and it's quite easy to detect actually not just by gyno but by the persons physical appearance, motor development, almost no facial hair at all, weak bones, no sexual drive or severe lack of energy,hormonal tests. If you have most of these symptoms then there might be some concerns otherwise it's likely not the case with you. Anyways you do what you feel is right, best of luck.

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The best way to diagnose Klinefelter's Syndrome is with a blood test for chromosomes, not hormones.

Speak to your surgeon about this.

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