Author Topic: Gynecomastia and Cancer / Malignant Tumors. Doctors?  (Read 1548 times)

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I've been suffering from Gynecomastia for about three years now. I think it's a side effect from antidepressant as I've never experimented with anabolic steroids or prohormones and the last time I was at the doctors he said all my hormone levels were normal.

Anyways, it started out small, VERY small when I was 20. Maybe pea shaped. At the time, it was so small it was practically unnoticable and it caused very little issues with my self confidence. Three years later and it seems like the gyno itself  continues to grow at a very small but continuous rate. Is this normal? It's gotten to the point where I don't notice it growing but every three months or so when I look in the mirror it looks as if the lumps have spread out by a .5cm or so, which over the long run adds up to quite a bit of growth, and the gyno which was pea sized at one point is almost the size of half a baseball and I'm only 23.

I'm not sure what the statistics are on breast cancer in men but I would assume it's very rare. However, my questions is this, how would one know if he just had mild/severe gyno or a malignant tumor? Any extra side effects to look for?

Can anyone help with this? Doctors?

Thanks again


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Many good points by John.

In addition your asking about what a Doctor could do for you? A doctor visit does seem to be a well advised direction. Off the top of my head what a Doctor can do for you is two things at least.

A trained doctor will definitly be able to feel your chest and tell you if its a gland or possibly something else immediatly. Im pretty sure any doctor can do this.

Also in a worse scenario they can perform whats called a biopsy. usually it involves taking a needle and extracting material which they will examine for cancer. It sounds pretty simple.

Im just learning about this myself as I am going to have this done for my thyroid eventually when I decide I can pay for it.

Sometimes they like to put you under some kind of scanner like an ultrasound or other. If you have insurence this probably wont be too bad. Anyone else would suggest you not waste too much time. even tho I seem to be but I have money issues and I live in the states so thats a give in for my situation.

I think your going to be ok. But dont be scared about seeing a doctor. If you dont have coverage the actual visit is going to be anywhere from 115 to 150 bucks. But it would be worth it.

I had a cavity filled by a dentist a few months ago......about 500 dollars..... I had to work everyday of the week to meet it...

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Gynecomastia that comes on in early puberty is quite normal. Often there is regression, but for those of us here this was not the case.

Sometimes it is caused by medications, Dr. Bermant has a list of potential causes on his site.

The condition is very common in men past the age of 60. That leaves you out.

If you do not fit in any of the categories above, then it would be wise to have it checked by a doctor and get some lab tests to make sure your hormones are OK.

Breast cancer in men is actually quite rare, but it is possible even though unlikely.

Your peace of mind is worth more than the price of a visit to the Dr.
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