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hello everyone, to those who have undergone surgery

just wondering how it felt to get rid of your moobies??

How did u feel looking at your chest a couple of months after surgery,

How did it feel to wake up and not spend 20 mins deciding which top to wear that would sufficiently cover up the beasts.

How did it feel shopping for clothes without thinkin if the material was thick enough\or the colour of the top was dar enough\baggy enough, to disguise those moobies.  

ahhh......i've finally decided to get surgery, dont get me wrong im not hoping for a perfect, model underwear\bodybuilder chest, but just some normality,

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Not to be rude but try looking around a bit before you post. There are plenty of threads from the past where people have shared their feelings on losing their breasts. Check in Surgery Experiences in the General area, or check in the Post op Healing section.
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