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hi, yet another topic hehe sorry, ive had so many questions and things i wanted to ask since joining this board recently!!! ;)
well basically i was wondering if because i am overweight will this make surgery a little bit more of a risk? and will the end results be good? because  i plan on removing my gyne (HOPEFULLY) before the time i reach my target weight if that makes sense!! ???
 :-\i dont know if im just crazy wanting surgery, but all i know is that it is my breasts that make me the most unhappiest about my body!
I can live with a big belly hehe.. :D
thanks again all! ;D


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The person who has the most to gain or lose as a result of surgery is not the surgeon, but you.

Likewise, you can greatly influence the result of surgery by being in good physical condition when you have the surgery.

While the weight loss will not likely reduce the Gynecomastia to the extent that you would like, It will help when the surgeon is attempting to sculpt your chest.
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to expand on that a little, it's not a risk issue, it's that losing the weight first will give the ps a better shot at doing the job in a way that will look good once the weight goes and will last.  your choice is, lose gyne a few months earlier, or be closer to sure the results will be what you want for the rest of your life. 

i'd pick target weight first. 
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