Author Topic: Gyne and dreadnought guitars  (Read 270 times)

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Given the situation that we're in right now, I decided to pick up an old guitar that I put away as I can't afford to get it repaired (70s/80s Terada, copy of a Gibson Hummingbird, it has a bit of top seperation that the luthier suspects is from impact damage), and put some more time into learning to play it.  The only issue is, I'm struggling with breast pain where the guitar body presses against me.  This wasn't a problem when I first started learning it, but that was before joining here (and then I had very little glandular tissue that I could feel).  But even though they're the same overall size, the glands have grown a lot and I can't avoid pressing the edge of the guitar against them.  Basically everything from just above my right nipple to my armpit is sore from just a couple sessions of a few minutes each.

So my question is, can anybody give advice on how to at least reduce the pain?  Or will it go away over time?



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