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Boy oh boy, did I luck out.  I was home in bed yesterday afternoon (stomach virus) doing some serious channel hopping when I saw this guy coming out of the shower on the Life Channel.  He was doing his own voice over and the first few words out of his mouth was, "I have a condition called gynecomastia".  

The show is called Skin Deep and from what I gather, they take two individuals with two different conditions and they take you into their surgeries.  The before, during and after effects.   The other person the was going under the knife was a girl with a cleft pallat (spelling?).

I've been thinking of my own surgery more and more as the date draws near and although I know it's going to be great (fingers crossed), I can't help but worry a little.  Thank God this show came on.  This guy was talking about his life with gyne.  He said at 13 he started developing boobs because his body started to produce a lot of testosterone and the body countered by producing estrogen.  He talked about his fears and embarressment.  He hadn't gone swimming since he was 15 because of a rude comment.  He was 23 when he had the operation.

They talked to his friends and family about his situation and they were pretty cool about it.  One friend went so far as to say she didn't know there was a problem after he showed them to her.  Another friend said it was good for him for having the operation.  

He went through the whole gamut of emotions with his gyne.  He covered up his boobs by wearing layers and stayed away from outdoor activities.  He said something that accurately summed up my own feelings on gyne. He said he's having the operation not because he'll be able to show off his new physique but so he won't have to hide it anymore.  
They showed the operation and everything that they took out.   The first thing his doctor did was lipo the area.  There was a noticeable improvement but you can still see how much the gland plays a role in the size of his boobs.  Then his doctor made the incisions under the nipples and took out the gland.   The gland looks like pink steak meat.  They showed his follow up appointment and he was wearing his bandages.  He looked good after one week.  Cut to two months later and the sun of a gun was playing beach volleyball and swimming in a public pool without a care in the world.  He looked fantastic.  

I can't believe that program came on when it did.  I'm less then two months away from my operation and it was the pickup I needed. I wish I had taped the darn thing.  I hope this story helps.


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Man oh man that does sound like a good show.  

I'm going to look on my program guide to see if it's gonna come on again. I'd like to see it too.  

I've noticed more and more shows like that. It's good that the word is getting out.

All the best with your surgery.  :)
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He looked good after one week.  Cut to two months later and the sun of a gun was playing beach volleyball and swimming in a public pool without a care in the world.  He looked fantastic.

Must have been a good surgeon. Great story.

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thanks for this, brought my spirits up a bit
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Probably the worst thing about  Gynecomastia is the fact that so many young men believe that they are suffering alone and that they are abnormal.

The very high incidence of Gynecomastia takes the condition into the realm of normal.  Even though unexpected and often despised by the young men who have it.

Programs such as the one mentioned here perform a valuable service.  They inform and educate.  

The surgery involved has not been around very long,  It did not exist when I was a young man.  The availability of the surgery is made known by such programs.  

There are some young men who are not good surgical risks and others who will not be able to avail themselves of surgery for religeous or other reasons.  Even they are served well by these programs in that they are made aware that they are not alone.

We all benefit from the fact that the general public is made aware that our condition is, in fact, common.

If you'd like to see what some normal breasts look like, enter 007b on your search line and check out their photo gallery.  They are all women except the last two which are men.

We live in a society where the general idea of breasts is rather perverse.  The result is that two of the most common operations are breast enlargement for girls and breast reduction for men.  
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