Author Topic: Going in for a Consult, but have a few questions...  (Read 1522 times)

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So I'm going in for a consult in about a week or so, and as happy as this makes me I can't quite help but have a few questions.

1. Post surgery...I'm starting on my school's varsity football team and if I get the surgery it will be during my lifting session for next year's season... how long should I expect to not be able to lift?

2. How long will the surgery put me out of school...if at all...

3. Drain tubes? are those always put in?


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1. Probably at least 4 weeks before you start light lifting. 6 weeks till you are back to regular workouts.

2. Plan on missing a few days. You may be ok sooner. If you can do it on a Thursday, you should be fine by Monday.

3. No, not always. Depends on the doctor. I didn't have any.


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