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ok well i just have a few question... ive been posting a lot recently, i know! lol

when i was 14 i decide that i didnt want to be fat anymore. i weighed 215 and i was probably 5'7'. from then to now (16 y/o) i weigh 160. this summer i plan on losing about 10 to 20 pounds.

when i was fatter, my boobs(haha) were bigger, and now they are smaller with extremely puffy nips and sometimes they are flat and protrude a little.... anyway. my right side is slightly bigger than my left--- but it is noticeible.

both seems to point out, and i have considerible evidence to believe i have a little gland.
i guess my real question is... can i have a little gland and still look normal?
if i have one side a little bit bigger does that definetly mean gland?
is gland in anyway dangerous to my health?

i started puberty at about 10 to 12 years old and i am still in the process-- i can tell. if i still am what are the chances it goes away?

if a gland is formed by puberty, can it go away when puberty stops?

thanks for your knowledge and advice

fran + ><>


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usually it will go away after puberty for about 80% of people, yet it stays for some people

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While we tend to talk of the gland "going away."  It actually does not go anywhere.  The gland does shrink when it has no hormonal support just as it does in women who are past menopause.  The shrinkage allows the breast to flatten.  In a young person, ( with their skin still quite elastic)  The breast will flatten out.  In an older person who's skin is less elastic, the breasts droop.  

The issue of fatty breasts is somewhat different.  Some men are predisposed to deposit fat in the breast area even if they are not seriously overweight.  For them, even a significant weight loss probably will not make a great deal of difference in their breast size.  In fact, starvation can be a cause of gynecomastia.

Your be resource would be an Endocrinologist who specializes in reproductive issues.
Grandpa Dan


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