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After performing a quick Google search I happened to stumble upon the forum.
I've suffered from gynecomastia since my teens (I'm now 36) and have finally got the courage
to face the facts. I have a consultation setup with Dr. Bermant in Virginia and I'm really excited about the possibilities
on getting rid of my "moobs".

I doubt my insurance will cover the surgery, but I'm willing to save for a month or so I can be ready for the summer.

Many thanks!


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Like you I found this board only a couple months ago.  I am 39 and like you headed down the path for surgery.

There is a lot of good stuff on this board, including many users who were/are patients of the Doc you are going to see.

You can do searches on this site for old postings with his name.  I did that for the Doc I am going to see, Jacobs in NYC, VERY helpful reads.

Also you Doc posts here regularly.  He seems like one of  better ones.

Good Luck!!!

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Yes, welcome!

I'm also in my 30's and just got surgery this past January. I found this board after, so I'm here happy to help as much as I can. I wish I had found this site, oh I don't know, maybe... twenty years ago??? LOL  ;D
Triple Surgery done in Chandigarh, India (Jan 10, 2008):
1. Gynecomastia Surgery (simultaneously with #2)
2. Tonsillectomy
3. Septoplasty (5 days after #1 and 2)

3 lifelong problems wiped out in a flash of knives... Now recovering and excited beyond belief. :)


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