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I've just found this website, but have done research about my gyne for the last 18 months.  I'm scheduled for surgery next week, but am becoming apprehensive.

I am 47 years old, and have lived with gyne since my teens.  Talked with several PS about 10 years ago, but dropped the idea of surgery.  Began to think about it again about 2 years ago, and started looking into it.  Have talked with 3 PS in the last year, and all three said that lipo "should" take care of it.  I do feel a small strip of something in one breast, that starts above the nipple (not behind), and runs toward my underarm.  But it is only about 2 inches from what i can feel.  I'm worried that lipo won't be enough.  Any thoughts about this?

My wife of 26 years completely objects to this surgery.  She is worried that I will either die on the table, or will experience complications during the procedure that will incapacitate me in some way.  I can't talk about my feelings with her without getting into a heated exchange.  This is very difficult as there is no one else I want to share my pain and struggle with.  I hate the way I look and feel there is no other option.  I'm not overweight, just "busty".  She, of course, doesn't see it.  Anyone else have to deal with this?

The doc says he won't do the procedure under local anesthesia, only general.  All 3 of the PS I spoke with said the same.  I'm not excited about general.  Is general anesthesia the most common approach?  Should I consider continuing to talk with other PS to find one who does local?  The PS I chose has a great rep, is the chief of PS at the local hospital, and is of course a Board certified PS.  Any thoughts about being afraid of general?


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Welcome to the site, it's great that you're considering going through with something that can make your life that much better!

Lipo is NOT enough if it's real gyno.  Make sure the PS's you go to have done many of these surgeries before and have a good amount of before and after pics. 

I just got done with mine about a week ago and there were some PS's who wanted to do lipo.  First of all, I'm not fat by any means so there's barely any chest fat.  It's all glandular and these people wanted to remove it through lipo?  Some people have to get a clue, clearly they're not experienced with this procedure.

I had the same problem with my GF that you had with your wife.  Granted I'm only 19, but she was pretty upset with me when I told her.  Presently, she understands but she still isn't for it.  Like your wife, my GF didn't see it either (though obviously there was something there, doc took out 2 golf ball looking glands)

And my doc did local.  Most people go under general, but like you, I wanted to do local rather.  I'm surprised your PS's won't do local though, because it's a pretty quick procedure.  I don't think you have to be afraid of General by any means, I think most people on these boards took that route.

And don't just look at a PS by great credentials alone.  Make sure he has done this procedure many times in the past and demand before and afters!  If you find a "cheap" PS, that is also not the best route.  This is not something you want half-assed, so getting the best is def a good idea.  I paid $6500 for mine (college student and I'm paying it all off) and I don't regret the price because what it comes down to is that I picked a PS who had a lot of experience with this procedure.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the insight.  I appreciate what you've said.  Not a bargain doc..costing me $5850, but this does include a small amount of love handle lipo.  Probably why they only want to do general anesthesia.

All 3 PS said I had minor case of gyne, but said it was primarily fat.  Truth be told, I don't think any of them "specialize" in gyne, although all have over 20 years experience in PS, and all showed me before and after pics of breast reduction they've done on men.  Should I be concerned about this?

I've scheduled and cancelled this surgery with this PS two times already over the last year, primarily because I became afraid (and from the influence of my wife...see my original post).  If I cancel a third time, I will probably lose this PS.  Maybe I am overreacting by not trusting the professional opinion of 3 different PS that lipo is sufficient?


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