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I'm curious as to whether anyone has compiled an average bra size for gynocemastic men.


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I doubt it, and I'm not sure there would be any way to do that since so many of them are not reported and so many men with it don't even wear a bra such that you could get an idea from the sales.  (Since I've become more aware of this due to my own problem, I've noticed, or at least tend to remember, a lot more men with these water balloons hanging down that I would not have taken notice of before.  I recently saw one on a road bicycle when I was out also on one.  He was in a rather low position (to reduce wind resistance), and had a huge pair dangling and swinging and rubbing on the inside of his jersey; and I thought, "That can't be comfortable!"  Others at the beach—wow.)  The compilation would certainly be interesting though, along with age & how long they've had it, growth rate, their weight, medications they've taken that may have caused or contributed, diet and lifestyle habits, etc..

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An average bra cup size would be easy to get from the industry that produces and markets those items.

Getting gender specific figures is probably not realistcally possible.

One thing is well established though. The average cup size has increased significantly since ww2. The first increase started in the '60s due to the advent of birth control pills an average woman would gain one cup size over time. A secondary increase has been due to the increased popularity of breast implants. 

Men account for such a small part of the market for bras that they do not have a significant effect on the figures.
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