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PLEASE read all of the info below. It's very simple, but you have to read!  
NO credit card required!

IPOD PHOTO 60GB - MAC G5 w/ 20" LCD - Nintendo Gameboy DS - PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS & MORE!

You gotta be QUICK about this. The eBay offer may not last very long, because you do NOT need a credit card or
checking account for this offer!

All you have to do is go to this site:

Sign up. ZERO RISK. NO billing information required. Shipping info only. NO SPAM.

Then, you have to complete an offer. Choose the eBay auctions offer, which you do NOT need a credit card for

After signing up with eBay, bid on an item that you know you won't win. Like bid $1 on a house or a car.
After that, you're done. Refer some friends with this!

And get all kinds of prizes!!!!!


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and why are we referring you?


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