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Am gonna start working on my forearms.
I was looking at those hand things, you know were you sqeeze the two bars.
Any opinions or any info?


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I am actually curious about what are good exercises that simply wont affect your gyne.. not make it better etc. I cant do pushups cus that works my pecs, but id like to get stronger arms. I dont have a gym membership and would rather do something on my own at home. I can buy a couple weights maybe. any ideas.

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Masturbation  ;D

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Hey man. Just go out and buy some dumbells and do some curls. You can do pushups with your feet on the bed/chair/something else. This will work your upper chest instead of making it more obvious like on normal pushups.

I Dont wanna hijack this thread by starting that subject though, but doing incline benches/ feet raised pushups DO help your gyne. It doesnt do anything to get rid of the gland, but they do fill out your upper chest, and even it out.
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The best forearm exercises are reverse curls (curls with palms down instead of up) and wrist curls (rest your forearms on your knees, palms up, curls with just the wrist).  Also, look at this:


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