Author Topic: for canadians: is there any way to find funding  (Read 3191 times)


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hi there all!  i am new on the site and i have a lot of questions....  i should tell u all that i have had this since i was 8 years old and that this happened over night.  i went from being bone thin to having mammories and a maajor weight gain in about 6 weeks. i had swelled in size and because of the relentless peer abuse i compensated by eating. by the time i was 13 i was 4'10" and 205lbs. by grad i was 5'9" and 300lbs.  i had lost the weight but still had the breasts and a lot of loose skin (i read in one of the sites that the loose skin is directly related to the hormonal imbalance as is the inability to develop upper body stength).  when i was 33, my thyroid went and i swelled to three times my size. i have a lot of loose skin now and as a part of my surgery i have to go for a full lift( skinrecession from the knees to the neck).  is there any way to prove to bc medical that this is aa medical procedure and not just cosmetic? i could just have the surgery by dr. van laeken stated that i would definately come out looking like i had bad results. if not; is there any way to achieve funding?



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