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For all those with Kaiser is covered for gynecomastia!

I got off the phone with the plastic surgery department today.

BUT they will not cover my surgery.  I have gland/tissue underneath the areola, causing it to enlarge and protrude.  They say I MUST have breast tissue in order to qualify.

I have a question for those who have the expertise to answer:  Is my case considered gynecomastia???  How do I go about proving this to them?

If not, what is the medical name for this condition?  Some call it "puffy nipples"?

If breast tissue is caused by an excess ammount of estrogen is that the same for the fat/gland underneath the areola, causing it to protrude and enlarge?

Thanks for your help.  Hope this is good news for some.

By the way, if you are with KP, go to your primary care and ask for a referral to plastics.


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hey dude where r u located? whats up with the surgery?


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