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My History in Brief: Had Gynecomastia from the age of 12. Had first surgery in 2013, but after 2 years gyno came back. Had reconstructive surgery in 2018.
Finally I have a life I always wanted. No more hiding, no more fear, full confidence, a social life and the most imp of all; I have started liking myself.

After the second surgery, the first month went in regular checkups, office and regular routine. But during this time I was preparing a road map of how I can do those things which I missed because of gyno.

Surgery+1month: Swimming; As I couldn't go to gym before 3 months from surgery, I joined a swimming class in the second month from surgery. Learned swimming in a month. The feeling of conquering a thing that you always wanted is just amazing.

Surgery+3months: Gym; Started the gym, my body fat ratio was 25% so started with the cutting phase. Lost a lost of fats. Started Whey protein and now I am in bulking phase. I have set targets and is well on track on achieve them.
For the first time in my life, I removed my t-shirt with confidence in gym. The feeling was amazing. Talking to other guys with confidence. The whole gym phase has brought discipline in my life.

Social Life: From going to water resort with friends, trekking, night outs, long drives to vacations. My social life is bustling !!! I never did these things, these all wear a big no! no!. I can now connect to my friends freely.

Office Life: Believe me if you are not happy about your body, no matter what you wear you will never have full confidence while speaking to people. I work in MNC, an IT giant, a service based industry. so conversing with people is a very imp part of the job.
Right from confidence in speech, solid body language, stylish clothing, new haircuts & beard cuts; my office life has completely transformed.

Personal Life: Till 25 I was a virgin, I don't have that tag now (cheers). Things have changed. Also I am now more open & close to my parents as they know about my journey and have a played a very imp part in getting me out of it

Doors of Life have opened !! and if there are any which are closed I'll open them.

Life is short, Treat Gynecomastia !

Write to me If you have any question



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