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Had surgery last Thursday. Posted on this forum a few weeks ago about having it done, so decided to come back and report on my progress.

So everything's been going ok thus far. Surgery was fine, only had to take painkillers the first night. Since then I've been nearly pain free, just a little sore. Last night noticed that there was a large amount of fluid in one side (I actually heard it slushing back and forth as I walked down the hall in silence...played around with my chest and you can actually hear fluid inside...pretty nasty, haha). So called the doc, and I was told to take some anti-inflamation medicine and keep it wrapped up with ice over the weekend; if it's not better by Monday, supposed to go back and see him.

Been a little disappointed with things as of late because there seems to be no real difference between pre-surgery and now. Do I just have a lot of fluid/blood/swelling? I've been reading these forums a little and that seems to be a common thing. What about extracting the fluid? Would that be the next step the doc would take if it doesn't go away? Wouldn't that be painful as hell?

Anyway, doing really good so far, just wondering why I'm not seeing results yet. Hopefully after this weekend I'll get some answers and start seeing some results. By the way, I wasn't given a compression vest or anything of that sort--is that normal? My gyne wasn't too bad, so I'm thinking it may not have been needed...?

Thanks for all your help. Might not have gone through with it without consulting this forum and hearing about other guys dealing with this.



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