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Obviously breasts growth in either men or women is due to estrogen taking it's natural path in creating breasts and other things in feminized traits. However with gynecomastia it is clean many have children and have had them with and after developing sometimes very large breasts. 
Is there any correlation to estrogen levels and gynecomastia? And if so why do we not notice fat redistribution, impotence, infertility etc in gynecomastia? Developing breasts larger especially at 31 has made me scared I can't have kids because of associating it with some form of estrogen dominance occurring but I'm weary if that' the case 


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Hi Steven,
Testosterone is converted to estrogen.  Growing breasts has nothing to do with estrogen dominance.  That will do it but it is rare.  Gynecomastia happens with variations.  Rarely is anything found upon testing.  However ED can be easily casued by insufficiency of some nutrients, and surprsingly it can happen very fast, like there is enough until there isn't.

I had 3 children, with the last one at 36.  It affected my fertility not at all.


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