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Hello to the Forum,

I’ve had gynecomastia ever since I can remember, it was never a big issue for me as a kid or during adolescence – apart from when I had to go to the beach. Currently I’m 39, it is still not a big issue and I don’t think or abscess over it, again, apart from the times I have to go to the beach, or during summertime, when I have to wear a T-shirt ( I avoid them as much as possible). I always taught that I would once day make the operation, and I’m now strongly thinking about going ahead.  
I contacted recently europesurgery, I found them after reading a report of a previous patient that described in quite detail his experience. I never thought to go abroad to have this procedure, but the cost and the positive reviews made me consider it. Are there any other good options in Europe?

I have several questions to address to the forum regarding the procedure.
So, I don’t consider that I have a severe gynecomastia, see pictures, so I was quite surprised when after contacting the clinic, it was the doctors opinion that I qualify for “male breast reduction with skin removal and nipple areola complex transplantation” (this is exactly what they said on the reply e.mail), further ahead they sayExcess fat will be removed by liposuction and glandular tissue and skin are surgically removed through incisions under your arm or around your nipple”.
Has anyone had “skin removed” on a gynecomastia procedure? What exactly does this mean? Is this because they thing the skin will not return to place? Does this mean that they will do an incision all around the areola and cut the skin around it?
Why do they say under your arm or around your nipple? Can the skin, fat and glandular tissue be all removed just by incisions under the arm?

I really didn’t want to have a round scar around the nipple, I’m really concerned with this, from pictures I have been seeing when the areola is cut all around it just makes the scar more visible.

What are your opinions? Apreciate the help!


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Might be worth asking in the ask a doctor section.
When I had surgery my nipples ended up lower on my chest than pre-surgery. To my untrained eye yours already look low so it might look odd after surgery. They may also be concerned about your skin laxity.
I thought Europa  do a cut around nipple like 95 percent of surgeons and lipo through armpit, I know of only Dr Vik Vijh who does both through armpit. May be wrong on this though.

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Thanks! I know they are low! Im just wanna know if cutting all the way around the nipple is the only option to remove the skin and position the nipples higher. I always think the scar in these cases are just to visible :( 

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Most guys want their gynecomastia removed with virtually no scars.  Any contemplated surgery which talks about removing excess skin will result, in many cases, in more scarring than is needed.

I have looked at your photos and would strongly recommend minimal scar surgery with no nipple elevation.  Realize, when the excess tissue of your chest is adequately removed, there will be less weight and the nipples will spontaneously move up a bit.  This, combined with the natural skin tightening that always occurs, may provide you with a flat chest and with nipples at a more acceptable position.  Most guys might be satisfied with these results.

If, on the other hand, you are still bothered by low lying nipples at six months after surgery, you can return to your surgeon for discussion of possible improvement.  However, during those six months, the skin would have spontaneously tightened and the need for removal of skin might be diminished or non-existent.

Best to consult with a gyne specialist before embarking on an operation that will leave you with many more than needed permanent scars on your chest.

Do your research before leaping into surgery!!!

Dr Jacobs
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Hi Dr. Elliot,
Sounds quite reasonable your advise. I really dont wanna go from a situation of being ashamed of removing my tshirt at the beach because of my gynecomastia to be ashamed of removing my tshirt at the beach because scars on my chest.
Unfortunately the doctor I was looking into said straight away nipple re positioning and skin removal and that scared me a bit, without properly explaining me what exactly that means and how it would be performed.
I guess I need to do a bit more searching.


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