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Hey everyone! I just recently had surgery done with Dr Fielding. Thought I'd share my experience and also ask some questions about the post-op recovery.
Got the surgery done over a week ago. Chest looks great and is completely flat! So far no real swelling and hardly any pain at all. As far as I can see he did a great job. However I still have multiple questions about my surgery and I don't meet Dr Fielding for another 3 months so I can't ask him till then.

1) I have no swelling as far as I can see. However just today I saw some small bruise lines (cant tell if they're from the vest being itchy)  and I also felt a hard bump on my left side of my chest (not where the gland was, more to the left of my chest) and it hurts a little if I apply pressure to it? Is this all normal and is the hard lump swelling?

2) Do I have to worry about scar tissue? Dr Fielding didn't give me any instructions on massaging or anything and im wondering if I should be concerned?

3) I had gland and fat removed, so I obviously had those dreaded puffy nipple everyone hates. It's been so long since I've seen myself with out them I cant tell what a nipple should look like normally? lol They're definitely smaller and darker, but should they still feel completely flat or should I see/feel the actually nipple extend?

4) I was told to wear the compression vest for a total of 3 weeks. I wonder if this is too little time to wear the vest considering I've read others that have worn it for 4 plus.

If anyone has any questions for me about the surgery I would be happy to answer.

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Thanks for the post.

I just had my done with Dr. Fielding two weeks ago. I still have barely touched or examined my chest. I had the surgery, and didn't even have a look at the results until one week post-op. For the past week, I just shower, and put the vest right back on. One thing I should say is that I had almost no pain whatsoever. I am bruised up some bad, but it's decreasing by the day. 
My take on nipples: No one is going to look at them as closely as you do. So I wouldn't worry about what a "normal" nipple looks like. They are all different. 
On the vest: Interesting question. He told me the same: Three weeks. But I may try an underarmour type shirt for a few weeks after. 
How's your recovery/results?

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Hey DMAC, thanks for the reply.

I'm over 5 weeks post op now. I stopped wearing the vest when he said. Depending on the severity of your case maybe consider wearing something afterwards, but honestly you really don't need to.  Everything looks fine for me now with minimal scarring. I do have slightly puffy nipples still and a little bit of scar tissue. 

Just a side note. Dr. Fielding gave me no instructions on massaging scar tissue, but as soon as you hit three weeks try to start massaging the areas where you feel "lumpy" and hard knots. Been doing it off and on past couple of weeks and scar tissue is more or less gone. Good luck 


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