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Hi guys,

I’m currently type 2 gyne pre-surgery and still on my weight loss journey and looking at all my surgical options. I’m based in the U.K. but willing to travel internationally for the best outcome. I’ve recently been looking at the surgical options offered by Dr Jason Emer, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills. He does some really incredible work with skin tightening and body sculpting, and also offers gyne surgery, and he discusses that it can involve gland tissue removal so clearly he knows more than many surgeons. He also does nipple lifting for better placement. He seems to be a specialist in skin/tissue/tightening and have a good artistic eye, but I’ve done a search on here and it came up blank - does anyone have any info/experience about his work with gyne surgery?
As I’d like to use him for other body surgery, it would be great to take a holistic approach (and save some fees!) and have the gyne procedure done at the same time if he’s good.

All response appreciated. Thanks!

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