Author Topic: Does long-term gyno since puberty result in permanently stretched nipple skin?  (Read 97 times)

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Greetings to all, it's been a while since I posted here. I hope everyone is doing well on his gyno journey. Unfortunately, my surgery was unsuccessful. I still have puffy nips :-\, and it's been just over 2 years since surgery.

My new plan is to get surgery back home in the US or from a surgeon who truly knows what he or she is doing. The first surgery removed a good bit of gland (excision only), but it's obvious that there's tissue below both nipples causing them to puff out when warm. It's not as bad as before surgery, but considering I lift weights and I'm aiming for an aesthetic look, nothing destroys it quicker than puffy nips.

My main question is this:

#1) Since I've had gyno since I was 12, I just turned 36, are the nipples permanently puffy due to stretched skin? My concern is that even if I have a successful second surgery, the nipples will still puff out when warm due to having gyno for close to 25 years.

It's clear to me that puffy nips definitely require both lipo and excision. I can no longer really feel glands, but there's some fatty tissue that's most likely breast tissue.

A second question if someone is kind enough to answer:

#2) Is it possible that the remaining fatty tissue contains breast tissue, like a mixture of fat and breast tissue rather than just glandular tissue? This would make sense if it's true.

Thank you for any help in advance, I appreciate it!


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While I had gyno I had quite puffy nipples often. After surgery one of my nipples does, occasionally. But it is not a vert noticeable problem - I wouldn't worry about it too much. The skin is also very elastic (about 10% stretch is possible I believe) and can adapt to a new shape over time.

For more detail and for your second question I suggest you speak to your doctor / surgeon.


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