Author Topic: does it really help to improve posture?  (Read 438 times)

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i’ve had a a poor posture pretty much since jr high, trying to make my chest less noteable. i think many of you can relate. can improving your posture makes gynecomastia less prominent, noticeable?

I’ve made a conscious effort to improve my posture. not just for gyno but also for martial arts. stand up straight, gut in, chest out is what i’ve always thought was good posture. occasionally i’ll stand against a wall to give ne an idea as to what my posture should be.

BUT , it seems to me that gut in chest out makes my boobs more prominent and noticeable. anyone work on posture to improve their gyno?

i’m 5’11”, 155lbs. cup size is somewhere between a 36C and 38B.

(apologizes if this has already been discussed)



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As someone who has had 4 back surgeries and has a bad spine condition I can't stand straight very long at all, however when I do, my breast need a different zip code lol! As a person with a "H" cup I'm here to tell you there not much I can do to hide them, but i can also tell you that from many years of experience all I wear is a tee shirt that is one size to big and a leather vest and I never have any problems!

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Lets just say that bad posture does not hide anything.   some people will slump or slouch in an attempt to hide their breasts and it simply does not work. 
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