Author Topic: Doctors Technique and regrowth??  (Read 2348 times)

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OK...just a quick question/comment.

How would a doctors technique have anything to do with regrowth?

It seems to me that if it was going to grow back, then there's an imbalance and it's going to grow back no matter the doctors technique. If it's not going to grow back, then if you have the operation and only half the gland was gotten out, it would stay that way.

It's impossible to get all the gland out, so why would it tend to grow back any more/less if only half the gland was gotten in the first place?

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sounds right to me, although i'd think statistically the less tissue there was there for any hormones to act on the better.  
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In that last Discovery Channel show they said x% of those who have surgery need 2nd surgery because it's impossible to remove all the breast tissue after one surgery and if there's remaining breast tissue, it may grow again. Kind of discouraging, huh?

I think head is right on the money. It's best if there's less tissue there for the hormones to act on.


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