Author Topic: Doctor will not give me referral. Says it's not "enough"  (Read 3779 times)

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I wish I would've had surgery at 19 instead of 37. I guess it depends on how long you can live this way. People have surgery at 19. And also, when I was 19 my gyne wasn't as bad as yours. I have a thread on here called " one week post op pics " and you can see how it can progress as you get older.

Hmm interesting. Yeah Im gonna get it soon as possible.

What do I personally think?  I think you will wait in vain a few more years until you convince yourself that it will not disappear spontaneously -- then you will seek help.  And then you will kick yourself for having "wasted" those years.

Dr Jacobs
Well I am gonna have to wait regardless of what I think because I do not even have the money for surgery right now.

But as soon as I get the money, I will most likely just go straight to surgery.

Im just wondering why all my doctors told me it would go away after my hormones balance out.

I guess thats just a myth then

The Dr. as well as I who has had this problem are telling you that it wont go away,your 19 years old!!!!! Get the surgery and get on with your life,dont let it linger like some of us have.

Ok Yeah I probably will.

And what about me being 19? Is that like too young or old or something?
No It just mean that you are young but also an adult and the puberty stage with gyno is pretty much over. If it didnt go away by now chances are it wont. Read Dr Jacobs advise and proceed on dont wait till your 30's like most of us have. I just had the surgery done and its slowly changing my life,my only regret is that I got it done sooner.

Yeah I'll definitely try to get it as soon as possible. Im gonna start saving now

And I guess I'll just have to make a self referral since my doc won't give me one :/


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