Author Topic: Doc told me not to wear it!  //??  (Read 1846 times)

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Im 4 days post-op, also today he took me off the drains bandages, seems a good job. But he told that isnt necessary using a compression vest. What you guys think?.. Ah... and how about the fluids.. when this fluids goes away?>...



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Doc Fielding told me the same thing.

The fluid in my chest was absorbed into the body within a few days.

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What do I think?  I think you should always do what the dr says.  That way, if things don't turn out right, you can go back and rip him a new one.

If he tells you something and you don't follow his instructions and as a result things turn out bad, it can be argued that you only have yourself to blame.

If the doc says no vest then no vest.  But if your results aren't good, don't let him off the hook!


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