Author Topic: Do i have gyno or pseudo?  (Read 1380 times)

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I understand the tissue should feeel diff if its not pseudo, and i think it does...ot feels like there are little balls like tapioca, am i correct in thinking those are glands?


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Even the most experienced doctor can't tell you if it is the gland, fat or tissue and be 100% sure.

If you are overweight, it's also hard to tell whether you have gynecomastia unless it is very prevalent in your chests appearance.

If you are lean, and your nipples do not sit flat against your chest, if they look puffy, you most likely do have gynecomastia and I would recommend scheduling a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon that has done a lot of gynecomastia specific surgeries.
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For our purposes, there is no such thing as Pseudo-gynecomastia.

As the word is most commonly used these days, "Gynecomastia" is any surplus of tissue in the breast of a male. It really makes no difference whether the tissue is fat, skin, Gland, Or any combination of them.

Anyone who tells you they can positively tell fat from gland would probably lie about other things too.

The only way to know for certain is if a person has surgery, You look at what the Doctor has removed.
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If you look under Patient Galleries in this forum, you can read my discussion about pseudogynecomastia, which as Paa_Paw said, really doesn't exist.

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