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Im getting direct excision of tissue in May and waswondering how long will it take for the scars to not be that noticable so I can go swimming and such


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A direct excision, commonly called a peri-areolar incision, tends to heal exceedingly well in most patients.  Obviously, the final result is a combination of factors:  the care in which the surgeon sutured the incision, the way in which your body healed (not under anybody's control) and the extent to which the patient followed the surgeon's recommendations for post op wound care.

In the best of circumstances, the scar can become nearly invisible within 4-8 weeks -- but sometimes it takes longer.  A lot of the healing is so totally individual that surgeon's can only provide an approximate idea of when they will be  healed so that they are not readily visible.

And on rare occasion, there can be a poor scar.  Fortunately, surgeons can do lots of things to correct a poor scar.

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my scars was pretty mutch invissible after about one month, they put the scar in a place that its VERY VERY herd to see if u dont know its there

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