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Hi all,

I am new to the forum, and want to take the time to say this is an awesome community that is much needed for those who suffer with gyno. My gyno came during puberty but I am now in good shape. I still have puffy nipple and a bit of lump on my chest, and after 15 years I've decided it's time for it to go.

I have been researching surgery for gyno and noticed that there are a couple schools of thought when removing the gland. I went to consult with a plastic surgeon and he said that he makes the incision at the side of the breast(about 4 inches under the armpit), but I have also seen some videos where the incision is done under the nipple.
What are the pros and cons to each approach, and is it universally known that one way is better?

Also, I would prefer to have the surgery done under local anesthetic, because it's cheaper and being knocked out somewhat freaks me out (The surgeon I went to will not perform the surgery without a general anesthetic). Can anyone recommend a good surgeon that can work with local anesthetic in Ontario?

Thanks in advance!



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