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Does anyone here have experience with talking to a counsellor about their breasts? I'm thinking of seeing one soon to help me get my life back on track with the other issues in my life but im not sure they'll be able to help with the gynecomastia issue


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I have never spoken to a counselor but I have spoken to a medical professional about my breasts. I have found that not all medical professionals will speak about it beyond the medical reasons. My GP won't talk about it but a weight loss FNP has spent time discussing not only the physical aspects but also has given direction on possible ways to proceed but purposely never singling out one way over an another way. It was determined that a contributing factor in my weight gain was an attempt to hide my breasts theough weight gain and so she felt she might be able to shed light on the why and let me decide how to proceed with the information. It was very helpful for me. I probably should have seen a mental health professional at that point but chose not to at the time. I came to the same conclusion, it just took a lot longer. 


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Do you have any experience with cognitive behavioural therapy CBT? From I've read about it, it might be beneficial for my negative thinking 

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I’ve been seeing a counsellor every few months for many years for supervision and just to keep my head safe. Having struggled  with breast growth over the last 6 months it was the main topic last time we met. She was very supportive that I’d got up the courage to go and get fitted for a bra and that I had found a strategy that worked for me.
I’ve not tried CBT for this, but I do think that a little talking therapy at an early stage can help stop it becoming too big an issue. It won’t work for everyone, but there’s probably not much to lose by giving it a try if you’ve come to the point of thinking that some outside help would be good. It really is healthy to have a safe space to talk about things that we otherwise hide and to find that there is someone who will be a supportive listener and not condemn you.


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I've had this condition for 24 years now and I've had enough of them so I think it's time to get rid of them. Maybe talking about it won't help but I think maybe I'll book an appointment for general depression


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