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After your surgery, could friends/family that didnt know you were getting the surgery tell that you'd had something drastic done?
I'm kinda nervous going in to surgery due to this reason alone. I dont want people saying I had a "boob job..."

But my gyne is a larger case, I think, so I'm sure it's going to be noticed.

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It was a concern of mine about the surgery, if it would be while i was in school how i would explain my absence from school and sports but since it'll be in the summer people who know i have boobs who know nothing of gynecomastia will probably just assumed that i "burned" them off or that they "just went away"

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Haha, I know what y'all mean. The few friends I've talked to about gyne have NO idea what I'm talking about.
Of course, I didnt try to go into great detail.

At the moment I'm telling everyone that I'm working out like crazy every day, and at lunch I'm eating like I'm on a strict diet. (Wish I was, but its hard to do in high school)

I was hoping to get the surgery during spring break, so I could come back and be like "Yeah, I ran 15 miles a day and never stopped weight lifting." Lol...
Unfortunately, its gonna take about 3 weeks to get a reply from the insurance company, which'll be at the end of my spring break.

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I told people that i got surgery done on the middle of my back...worked perfect for me. (gave a good reason to why i had to wear the compression sleeve)
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If you need a good reason to miss any kind of sports training/school/work etc, you can say that you had a fibroma (lump) removed from your back muscles. Its not serious the doctor just wanted to remove it to see what it was. It gives you a good reason to wear a compression garment and take time off. If you are worried about people noticing your boobs mysteriously disapearing, you can tell them you were bench pressing and you dropped the barbell on your chest and had to be operated on. magic!

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I said i tore my chest muscle when training and needed to wear a compression belt. Nobody could tell when i had it on though....except at the airport when it set the alarm off....oh, the difficult to explaint to a straight faced german security officer, what it


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